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Dual Duty Ratings - Normal and Heavy
Provides cost effective sizing choices for all applications.

Low voltage DC operation
Provides cost effective sizing choices for all applications.

24V DC Auxiliary Power Supply Input
Provides an additonal means of maintaining control, fieldbus and position loop on mains loss.

Comprehensive Autotune
Inertia measurement and static autotune reduce startup time.

Universal Feedback Interface
Supports 12 different feedback configurations,
including several absolute encoders.
No need for additional components.

High Resolution Analog Input
16-bit, 250 μsec (sample time) interface for high performance applications.

Extensive Fieldbus Connectivity
ModbusRTU (Standard). PROFIBUS-DP (12Mbit), DeviceNet,
CANopen, INTERBUS, CAN interface, SERCOS, Ethernet and CTNet options via zero-space SM modules.
Up to three fieldbuses can connect to a single drive, eliminating the need for expensive gateways.

Three Universal Option Slots
Fieldbus, control and application SM modules fit in any of the three option slots beneath the drive cover.

Secure Disable Function
Conforms to EN954-1 Category 3 for machine safety with system cost reduction.

SMART CARD for Simple Setup, Cloning and Back-up
Easy-to-use card stores drive configuration and application program for simple startup and parameter cloning. Supplied free with Unidrive 6

Keypad Options
Choose between no keypad, high visibility LED keypad or multi-language LCD keypad based on the system design and operating environment.

Drive Mounted Brake Resistor
Unidrive 6sizes 1 and 2 feature a drive mounted brake resistor option to reduce panel space requirements.




• 5 Operating modes:V/Hz, open loop vector, closed loop vector, servo, and regen

• 32-bit application co-processor module (up to a maximum of 3 modules)

• Universal encoder feedback

• Application functions for Torque control, Brake control and Axis-limit control

• Built-in shaft orientation mode

• Digital lock with adjustable ratio (frequency slaving)

• Programmable boolean logic (AND, NAND, OR, NOR) gates with delay outputs

• Programmable threshold comparators

• Built-in PID controller

• S-ramp accel / decel profiling

• Built-in motorised potentiometer

• 8 Preset speeds and independent accel / decel rates

• 3 Skip frequencies with adjustable bandwidths
• Run time chronometers
• Configurable analog and digital I/O
• Selectable stopping modes including Coast, Ramp, and DC injection
• Dynamic braking capability
• Removable control terminals common to all sizes
• Output frequencies up to 3000 Hz
• Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) technology with switching frequencies up to 16 kHz